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Industrial Walking Foot Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Upholstery Leather Commercial

Industrial Walking Foot Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Upholstery Leather Commercial

Industrial Walking Foot Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Upholstery Leather Commercial
Welting foot, left side zipper foot, right side zipper foot are all included with this ad only. Presser feet do not come with the standard accessories, but we are throwing them in. Your "Satisfaction is Our Commitment". Heavy Duty Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine.

"A SUPER POWERHOUSE SEWING MACHINE". TuffSew 9 Walking Foot Sewing Machine.

TuffSew machines are complete workhorses -with all the same internal parts and construction to complete all your heavy sewing projects. Many years ago we constructed the 9 model due to many customers asking for a little more room for their projects. The extra room is also referred to as the gate or the distance from the right side of the needle to the inside wall of the sewing machine. As most all portable walking foot machines and most all other machines on the market have a 7 inch gate ours has 9 inches. We cant be happier with the decision to listen to our customers and provide them with this 9 HD walking foot sewing machine.

You will get a rock-solid heavy duty sewing machine that will completely out-sew any household sewing. What Makes TuffSew Walking Foot. Sewing Machines Stand Out in Today's Market? This is for Large Coned Thread and a neccessity for most of our customers! TuffSew are the only portable walking foot machines to use a 9000 RPM motor! A more powerful motor needs a more precise Foot Controller. Each machine is double checked for quality control by a 25 year sewing technician! So You Are Looking For a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine??

You are looking for an heavy duty sewing machine. You may have a special project, such as automobile upholstery repair, boat cover repairs, sail repairs, or furniture repair, etc. You may have asked your friends: What kind of sewing machine do i need?? Your friend most likely told you: You are going to need a walking foot machine. Here we have portable walking foot machine with a built motor for much much less.

Built-In Walking Foot machines have a huge advantage over an industrial strength machine. First, a built-in walking foot machine has a built in walking foot mechanism rather than a standard presser foot. The next advantage is our double geared belt which prevents slippage. Industrial strength machines have only one rubber or nylon belt. Rubber/Nylon belts will slip and your sewing project may be in jeopardy.

The most important advantage of having a walking foot machine is that this machine can handle thick nylon bonded thread. The industrial strength machine cannot handle this thread and its outcome is a looped stitch under the bottom of the material. What Is This Machine Designed to Sew?? This heavy duty machine is designed to sew various types of materials.

Here are some examples of what this heavy duty sewing machine will sew: This includes automobile interior, headliners, sails, sailboat covers, biminis, cushions, duffel bags, handbags, wallets, belts, hats, regular clothing, outdoor grill covers, awnings, draperies, pillows, quilts, comforters, climbing equipment, tents, shower curtains, sunbrella, flags, and more. Below are some great examples of what this machine can sew.... 5 Pennies to Show the High Presser Bar Lift Height.

SEWS 1 LAYER OF 6-8 OUNCE COWHIDE. DUAL GEARED BELTS ON A REDUCTION PULLEY GIVES THE MACHINE THE PENETRATION POWER (NO SLIPPAGE). Machine also comes with all the standard accessories (listed at bottom of this page) and the large spool stand (shown above). SEWS 1 LAYER OF 8-10 OUNCE COWHIDE. Sews 1 Layer of Hair-On 6 to 7 Ounce Cowhide.

SEWING 8 LAYERS OF SUNBRELLA. SEWS 2 LAYERS OF 2-3 OUNCE VEG TAN. This HD sewing machine has a. Built in automatic bobbin winder. The benefit of this bobbin winder allows you to wind the bobbin right on the machine.

Another great feature of this machine is the. Variable length of stitch control lever.

The benefit of this is you can regulate your stitches per inch from 5 to 25 stitches per inch. Also this machine has an extra long stitch length. The next feature is our.

This feature allows you to sew different fabrics without having to adjust the tension. This machine also features a.

This allows you to adjust the pressure for the walking foot for different types of fabrics. Our next great feature is the.

Take a look at the picture above, and you'll see two cogged drive belts. The benefit of having two cogged belts is that there will be no fabric slippage. Conventional rubber belts will slip and cause the fabric to not feed properly.

Our machine also features a. This belt cover prevents any accidents that you might have while your hand is around the dangerous belt area.

Another feature of this machine is the. Walking feet (inner and outer foot). The walking foot allows for forward and backward movement. The walking foot allows movement forward and backward in time with the feed dogs to make sure that the layers of fabric are moving together consistently as the machine produces consistent stitch lengths and makes heavy sewing easy.

The TuffSew machine is designed for stitching various heavy duty materials. The presser foot lift on this machine is 7/16 high. Therefore you can sew up to 3/8 thickness comfortably. The Built-In Walking Foot will help you sew these difficult layers and materials. Gives us a competitive advantage within the market.

The walking foot on this machine enables you to sew heavy weight materials with ease. This model also features a geared belt pulley drive which provides greater penetration power, and longer belt life. Cleated positraction belts combined with new geared hand wheel pulley, geared reduction pulley, and geared motor pulley to eliminate slipping. Special heavy duty motor attached.

8mm presser foot lift by hand. Uses up to size 23 needle. Five stitches per inch and up, variable. Commercial Thread Stand(for large coned thread). Standard Spool Pins Extra Bobbins.

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  • Model: 2000U
  • Tuffsew: All metal
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Type: Sewing
  • Operation: Mechanical
  • Class: Industrial
  • MPN: 2000UL-13
  • Brand: Tuffsew

Industrial Walking Foot Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Upholstery Leather Commercial